5 Great reasons to visit Monchique the top of the Algarve, Portugal

Monchique, a quite different Algarve so genuine and so interesting to discover.

When choosing the Algarve for your holiday’s destination you may not know that besides the sun, sea, beach, golf, culture and delicious gastronomy and all other amazing activities related to a holiday destination of sun and beach, you can find not far from the coast, a green paradise, fresh and full of alternative attractions, called Monchique.

The municipality of Monchique is characterized by a diversity of activities that have lasted in time and continue to be developed in traditional ways, with great interest and an important part of the Algarve identity.

Do you like honey, original handicrafts, firewater and mountain products?

If so, here are five good reasons to take a leap up to Monchique hills while you’re in the Algarve.



The Caldas de Monchique are known as the “Sintra” of the Algarve. A cool, green, serene spot, where there is a small square wrapped in large trees and refreshing water fountains, perfect for a picnic. If you like thermal baths, the Monchique Spa is excellent with its mineral-medicinal waters, used since ancient times for treatments.



In the centre of the village you can enjoy a magnificent view from the belvedere of the São Sebastião park, visit the Monchique main church dating from the beginning of the 16th century, the Convent of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, enjoy the narrow streets of the village, contemplating the vast white houses with the typical chimneys and stop to visit some of the craft houses. And of course, taste the traditional firewater, here called “Aguardente de Medronho” .

Monchique Experience I


Climbing to the highest point of the Algarve – Foia – is a must. From Foia you can see a great stretch of landscape from the Cabo de São Vicente to the Serra da Arrábida. A breathtaking landscape! Prepare to be amazed!

Foia Way II

Foia view


In Monchique, in addition to being able to enjoy architectural, historical and cultural heritage along with the many natural beauties, you have a very rich traditional gastronomy, honey, traditional sweets and the medronho.

In Monchique, there is an important artisan activity of producing very good pig sausages and “presunto” from the “Porco Preto da Montanheira”.

Beekeeping is also a typical activity of Monchique and the “Honey of the Monchique Mountains” is a high quality product with “Protected Designation of Origin”.

The manufacture of the Aguardente de Medronho and make bread are another traditional activities of the Monchique hills.




The Serra de Monchique is affectionately nicknamed “Jardim do Algarve” – the Algarve green garden. Crystalline banks, leafy trees and a natural freshness that contrasts with the warm Algarve coastline that complements even more, your holiday experience in the Algarve.

Monchique hills

Monchique hills2

Monchique, a quite different Algarve so genuine and so interesting to discover.

Keep the suggestion and … have a good time during your Algarve holidays!


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