Make your cruise a better experience

You choose the dream cruise with places you’ve always wanted to discover in Europe, the Mediterranean, and in Portugal. But you do not always want to do those group tours, especially when you stop in a destination as secure as Portugal….

What to do then?

Well, fortunately, in the Algarve and in Lisbon, you can count on the shore excursions of Bike my Side.

You are picked up at the time you want and brought your where you want just in time.

These tours are an excellent way to discover the region, better than the tour bus, because it is open all around, comfortable and safe.

The tours are customized according to what you ask and you will receive very nice information on many levels.

You will have a wonderful time, learn a lot, you will see some beautiful views and take pictures to document your adventure.

Riding between each place is a lot of fun, with your partner and you taking turns on the back and in the sidecar.

The ride is in a spotless Ural sidecar. Something you will probably never do again in your life…

What else can we say?

So, the next time your cruise stops in Lisbon or the Algarve, take a private shore excursion tour with Bike my Side private tours.

When to visit the Algarve

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“Everyone talks about the weather, but no-one does anything about it.” Mark Twain We are often asked ‘When’s the best time to visit the Algarve?’ – closely followed by ‘What’s the weather like?’ Having experienced every month of the year here, we thought it might be fun to give you an…

When to visit the Algarve… always!

The Algarve has charm all year round.

That’s why the Bike my Side works over the entire year.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter … Every season has its beauty, its colors, its aroma!

Just choose the month and let yourself be surprised by this beautiful region of Portugal that has much more to offer than sun and beach …


Ferragudo View
Bike my Side Algarve in Ferragudo

Algarve Blog

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no-one does anything about it.” Mark Twain

We are often asked ‘When’s the best time to visit the Algarve?’ – closely followed by ‘What’s the weather like?’

Having experienced every month of the year here, we thought it might be fun to give you an idea of what you can expect – with some hints about the weather and what to pack if you are coming here on holiday!

Algarve temperatures

So here goes, let’s start with Spring, which can be a very nice time of year to visit the Algarve:

Aljezur flower

You may need to pack a sweater or warm coat for the evening, but during the day you can enjoy some lovely balmy temperatures – even in February! 17 to 20 degrees – sometimes even slightly hotter during the day – and it’s often 8 or 9 degrees in the evening. The oranges are at their…

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Why should you visit Lisbon… 10 reasons and an extra

Lisbon is the least expensive capital of Europe.

Here you can purchase great value for little money. So, why don’t take advantage of this great opportunity and discover this amazing city with us?

1. Welcoming: It’s a friendly city with a cosmopolitan population, welcoming all visitors and families with children, and open to minorities and all alternative lifestyles.

2. Culture: It’s one of the world’s great historical cities, with characteristic and surprising sights, cultural treasures, and a beautiful setting that make it a paradise for walkers and photographers.

3. Value: It’s one of Europe’s best values – officially Western Europe’s least expensive capital.

4. Location: It’s just around a 2-hour flight from all other major European cities.

5. Climate: Its mild climate makes it an ideal year-round destination. Even in winter, when most other European cities are freezing, in Lisbon high temperatures rarely go below 10C (50F).

6. Resort: It is the only European capital located so close to sandy beaches, enabling visitors to combine culture with fun by the sea. Surfing and fishing a must!

7. Size: It’s a compact and intimate city, ideal for a short city break or a longer romantic stay, with a lively café culture and a nightlife that is one of the most vibrant in Europe.

8. Variety: Its surroundings offer an incredible variety of attractions. Do not miss: a) The romantic Sintra and its palaces. b) The world-class golf and fun at Europe’s largest casino in Estoril. c) Ericeira, as World Surfing Reserve. d) Arrábida Natural Park, and the dolphin watching in Setúbal. e) Nazaré, and the World famous Wave at Praia do Norte.

9. Gateway: It makes a perfect base to explore many of Portugal’s most outstanding towns and villages, from Évora to Óbidos.

10. Safety: It’s one of the safest European capitals.

11. Bike my Side – Sidecar Tours: #1 of 90 Outdoor Activities in Lisbon according to Tripadvisor.

Do we need to say more? 

Discover our great tours at

Lisbon Sidecar tours with Bike my Side
Discover Lisbon in a sidecar tour

It’s your adventure! Let us share it with you

More sunshine than Madrid, Rome or Athens — yet while they all sweat through the Mediterranean summer, there’s usually a breeze blowing off the Atlantic to give Lisbon natural air-conditioning.

Do not miss an oportunity to discover this amazing European city and to ride with Bike my Side on a Custom Sidecar Tour – It’s your adventure!

Lisbon is an illuminated city. The almost constant presence of sunshine and the River Tagus transforms the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colours – highlighting the city’s unique architecture and beauty.

There are so many things to see and do in Lisbon that visitors have access to a wide array of different experiences.

Have fun in Lisbon, where nightlife continues till dawn.

Experience calmer moments in Lisbon in the city’s parks, gardens, belvederes, cafés and esplanades.

Or simply enjoy the pure pleasure of being in Lisbon, through its gastronomy, luxury hotels, spas and shopping centres.

All of this and much more, you can discover with Bike my Side Sidecar Tours!

It’s your adventure. Let us share it with you!

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