The history of our Sidecar dates back to the 40s of the twentieth century…

It was designed by the Russians based on German BMW R71 a motorbike diverted from Sweden to Russia.

From the earliest days, more than 3 million Ural Sidecars already passed through the doors of the factory in Irbit – in the Ural Mountains in Siberia, where they continue to be manufactured, as before in an almost artisanal.

Apart from its history, our Sidecar is plain black, which gives it that irresistible vintage, iconic look, full of style.

Coolest rides in Lisbon

Why is a Sidecar such a fun?

  • It goes where no bus or car can go
  • It avoids traffic and you can go beyond the usual tourist sites by travelling along picturesque roads
  • Your sidecar tour can be personalized as much as you want
  • You will leave with stories and photos that even the “natives” do not know about
  • You can ride with a friend for a truly unique experience
  • You will visit the famous attractions and discover hidden secrets
  • In a sidecar you can feel the breeze, the wind in your hair and enjoy the views

Lisbon sidecar tours fun

Remember the Indiana Jones or Tintin in their sidecars? Now you can experience the same feeling!


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