The Bike My Side blog, launched in May 2015, started out as a virtual space for sharing our own experiences – the starting point was our sidecar tours and what our passengers could know and discover during their holidays time in Lisbon or in the Algarve.

In 2017 we went further. The blog has acquired its own identity, transforming itself into an original platform to share with everyone, the most famous tips and secrets in Lisbon and in the Algarve with amazing photos and stories. From Portugal, to the world!

We are Daniel Coelho (Lisbon) and Delfim Martins (Algarve) and we will be your hosts and private guides on this unique journey to discover Lisbon and the Algarve.

With professional practices in design and architecture for over 16 years, we are both passionate about hospitality, sightseeing, travel and tourism, lifestyle and traditions, while we feel true citizens of the world – have traveled to different countries with diverse cultures, assimilating in firsthand the best of interacting and capturing the attention and interest of who is to know a country other than their own. This is our vision and experience of traveling.

We are legitimate knowledgeable of what actually is worth discovering and to devote your time while in Lisbon or in the Algarve, giving you the possibility to visit the most interesting spots, with all the most famous tips and secrets that only a resident knows to share.


Bike my Side Lisbon Guide
Daniel Coelho Bike my Side Lisbon Guide
Delfim Martins Algarve Guide
Delfim Martins Bike my Side Algarve Guide

But our team would not be complete without someone behind the scenes, someone who helps us share what we do with words and images. Analita Santos is our Marketing and Sales Director.

Passionate about the world of travel, exploring and learning new cultures, Analita Santos is graduated in Tourism Marketing, followed by a post graduation in Management and several specializations in Digital Marketing.

She has extensive experience in the hotel and leisure industry, being for several years Marketing and Communication Director in five stars hotels.

After the birth of two beautiful girls, she dedicated himself entirely to the project of Bike my Side, doing all the marketing management, presence in the social media and commercial.

Writing is another of his passions. She is the author and entire responsible for the Bike my Side blog.

Analita Santos Bike my Side.JPG
Analita Santos Bike my Side Marketing and Sales Director