The rebirth of the Algarve Wines

Who has been on holidays in the Algarve probably knows that good quality wines are produced here and has probably, tasted some.

What is probably less known is that the major Algarve towns lend their names to the four main wines regions, the so called DOCs “Demarcated Regions”: Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira – and that the Algarve wine tradition come from ancient times.

Vinhos do Algarve official website

It is uncertain when the mythical Mediterranean drink – the wine – reached the Algarve.

The first news of contact with wine, revealed by archaeological remains, suggest for more than two thousand years ago, what is comprehensive, considering the nature of the soil and the climate of the south of Portugal.

Algarve Vineyard

In fact, the importance of the vineyards in this region dates back to the Arab presence in the Algarve, a time when grapes were already grown and wines of good quality were exported.

Recently and for many years, due to several reasons, it seemed however that the Algarve wine would be a tradition to be lost. But, in recent years the trend has been reversed with the appearance of new producers who have given a new breath of fresh air to the Algarve wines.

Quinta dos Vales – Estômbar

In 2017, the Algarve wines have won their place among the best in the main international and national competitions, often surpassing the most optimistic expectations, with the region obtaining, for example, in 14 international competitions (such as the International Wine Challenge 2017, Mundus Vini Spring Tasting 2017, Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2017, AWC Vienna 2017, the Wine Masters Challenge 2017, just to name a few), 73 distinctions or medals (gold, silver or bronze) in white, red and rosé wines, from 17 Algarve producers.

Quinta João Clara – Alcantarilha

The outlook for 2018 is very optimistic with a significant increase of the wine production in the 2017/18 wine year, in values above 50%, which makes the Algarve, the wine growing region that has grown the most in Portugal.

Vineyard on the west coast of Portugal
Casa Santos Lima – Present in 5 Portuguese regions including the Algarve, Tavira

Next time you are on holidays in the Algarve, instead of drinking, try tasting an Algarve wine – look at it, smell it and finally, taste it. You will probably be savoring a prized wine, appreciated by renowned oenophiles and your senses will love the experience!

squid and wine in algarve
This is also the Algarve – delicious food and award winning wines

Here you can see the list of Wines from Algarve awarded in International Competitions in 2017. And the winners are…

Bike my Side wine and tapas tour
Bike my Side prepared an experience where you can taste some awarded wines while touring



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