Lisbon always with a cool point of view

Lisbon is really a spectacular city! There is so much to see, to discover and always a cool point of view…

Sidecar tours Lisbon

Whenever we do our private tours in Lisbon, we are dazzled by the streets, the urban art and small details that make us so happy to share this city with all who visit us.

Sidecar tours Lisbon cabo da roca

Sometimes we do not even have to go very far to find interesting reasons full of stories and secrets from our past.

Urban art Lisbon

And our sidecar is amazing in any photograph, in any environment of our cosmopolitan Lisbon, whether day or night.

Lisbon Sidecar tours with Bike my Side

The joy of our passengers is what moves us and each day, we discover a new and even more cool point of view.

Lisbon cool photos 3


It’s really worth it to visit Lisbon with Bike my Side.

And did you know that Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world?

Book your vacation and come to discover Lisbon and Portugal with us!

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