Sidecar, Vespa or Jeep – the choice is yours

Bike my Side in Lisbon, besides the glamorous sidecar tours, offers you the possibility to discover this amazing city and its surroundings in a funny Vespa or in an audacious Jeep.

Some time ago, we gave you 10 reasons to visit Lisbon and an extra reason … the Bike my Side sidecar tours! Do you remember? No? Here are again the 11 reasons to visit Lisbon …

Lisbon is a welcoming city with a cosmopolitan population that likes to welcome people of all ages, genres and lifestyles (Welcoming).

It is one of the European capitals where there is history and culture (Culture) almost around every corner, a delight for those who like to take memorable photographs and make unforgettable walks through stories and memories of other times.

It is a city with an acceptable cost of living (Value), an excellent best value for money, considered to be one of the least expensive cities in Europe.

It has a prime location (Location), just a two hour flight away from the major European cities.

The climate is very pleasant throughout the year (Climate), with low rainfall and even in winter, the temperatures rarely drop below 10C.

It is the only European capital that can combine all the fun of the beach, the sun, the surf and the sea (Resort), with the culture, due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

Lisbon is an intimate and compact city (Size), ideal for a short city break or a long romantic stay with a vibrant and appealing nightlife.

The variety of attractions that this city offers even in its immediate vicinity is incredible (Variety). The romantic Sintra with its palaces, the beautiful Sesimbra or the natural park of Arrábida are just some of the examples.

Due to its central location it is an excellent starting point to get to know Portugal (Gateway) and its stunning cities and towns. A hop to the Algarve is also a must!

Lisbon is one of the safest European capitals. (Safety)

We have already counted 10 reasons and … the 11 reason is…

Bike my Side! And now, in Lisbon, besides the glamorous sidecar tours, Bike my Side offers you the possibility to discover this amazing city and its surroundings in a funny Vespa or in an audacious Jeep. Surprising?

Point out on your agenda: visit the amazing Lisbon in Portugal and take a private tour with Bike my Side by Sidecar, Vespa or Jeep.

The harder will be to choose your classy transport!

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Author: Bike my Side and enjoy the ride

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