Celebrate diversity and take a sidecar ride

One of the most interesting aspects of our sidecar tours is the opportunity to meet different people from several places of the world, of all ages, who end up having in common the fact that they look for a different and unique experience during their holiday’s time in the Algarve or in Lisbon.

It does not matter your age, it does not matter your gender or physical condition. The sidecar is for everyone! And it is really incredible how our sidecar tours have an excellent acceptance among people of the most diverse ages, genres and physical circumstances. From 7 years old to 90 years old or more!

In 2015, for example, we had a couple from Hawaii, cruise customers, with the age of 79 who loved our Postcard Collection tour in Portimão.

This year, at the age of 81, they returned to Portimao on a round-the-world cruise and made a point of repeating our sidecar tour because the experience made them feel capable of everything, made them feel so alive!

We have also transported people with disabilities in the sidecar who reported that they felt safe, comfortable and free.

Another unforgettable story was the surprise request for a wedding on The Most Beautiful Beaches tour with the groom declaring himself and making the request at the lovely top of Praia da Marinha cliff.

The stories are numerous, tremendous and it is truly comforting to feel that we provide a lifetime experience. It is incredible! A sidecar ride is actually part of the bucket list for so many people around the world!

What are you waiting for? Celebrate diversity and take a sidecar ride!

More information about Bike my Side at http://www.bikemyside.com/ 

Facebook /SidecarTours.Bikemyside and Twitter /Bikemyside.



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