Make your cruise a better experience

You choose the dream cruise with places you’ve always wanted to discover in Europe, the Mediterranean, and in Portugal. But you do not always want to do those group tours, especially when you stop in a destination as secure as Portugal….

What to do then?

Well, fortunately, in the Algarve and in Lisbon, you can count on the shore excursions of Bike my Side.

You are picked up at the time you want and brought your where you want just in time.

These tours are an excellent way to discover the region, better than the tour bus, because it is open all around, comfortable and safe.

The tours are customized according to what you ask and you will receive very nice information on many levels.

You will have a wonderful time, learn a lot, you will see some beautiful views and take pictures to document your adventure.

Riding between each place is a lot of fun, with your partner and you taking turns on the back and in the sidecar.

The ride is in a spotless Ural sidecar. Something you will probably never do again in your life…

What else can we say?

So, the next time your cruise stops in Lisbon or the Algarve, take a private shore excursion tour with Bike my Side private tours.

Author: Bike my Side and enjoy the ride

Discover Lisbon and the Algarve with amazing photos and stories. A unique and wonderful journey, a different look, authentic and genuine to the sights, sounds, flavours, colors of two of the most iconic tourist destinations in Portugal. Let yourself be guided by breathtaking landscapes and dare to know the most famous insider secrets of our local lifestyle TRAVEL AND LEISURE BLOG PORTUGAL

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